VIDEO ARCHIVE: 2013 Demo Sessions

The Academic and Industrial Demonstration Sessions featured live demonstrations of selected ICs that were also presented by authors in regular paper sessions. These sessions are intended to exemplify the real-life applications made possible by new ICs presented at ISSCC.


2013 IDS 3.1

3.1: 5.5GHz System z Microprocessor and Multichip Module

J. Warnock1, Y. H. Chan2, H. Harrer3, D. Rude2, R. Puri4, S. Carey2, G. Salem5, G. Mayer3, Y-H. Chan2, M. Mayo2, A. Jatkowski2, G. Strevig6, L. Sigal4, A. Datta7, A. Gattiker8, A. Bansal4, D. Malone2, T. Strach3, H. Wen6, P-K. Mak2, C-L. Shum2, D. Plass2, C. Webb2
1 IBM Systems and Technology Group, Yorktown Heights, NY
2 IBM Systems and Technology Group, Poughkeepsie, NY
3 IBM Systems and Technology Group, Boeblingen, Germany
4 IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY
5 IBM Systems and Technology Group, Williston, VT
6 IBM Systems and Technology Group, Austin, TX
7 IBM Systems and Technology Group, Bangalore, India
8 IBM Research, Austin, TX


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2013 IDS 3.4

3.4: Jaguar: A Next-Generation Low-Power x86-64 Core

T. Singh, J. Bell, S. Southard
AMD, Austin, TX


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2013 IDS 6.8

6.8: Experimental Demonstration of a Fully Digital Capacitive Sensor Interface Built Entirely Using Carbon-Nanotube FETs

M. Shulaker1, J. van Rethy2, G. Hills1, H-Y. Chen1, G. Gielen2, H-S. Wong1, S. Mitra1
1 Stanford University, Stanford, CA
2 KU Leuven, Heverlee, Belgium


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2013 IDS 7.6

7.6: A 1.23pJ/b 2.5Gb/s Monolithically Integrated Optical Carrier-Injection Ring Modulator and All-Digital Driver Circuit in Commercial 45nm SOI

B. R. Moss1, C. Sun1, M. Georgas1, J. Shainline2, J. S. Orcutt1, J. C. Leu1, M. Wade2,Y-H. Chen1, K. Nammari2, X. Wang1, H. Li1, R. Ram1, M. A. Popovic2, V. Stojanovic1
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
2 University of Colorado, Boulder, CO


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2013 IDS 8.7

8.7: A Low-Cost Miniature 120GHz SiP FMCW/CW Radar Sensor with Software Linearization

Y. Sun1, M. Marinkovic1, G. Fischer1, W. Winkler2, W. Debski2, S. Beer3, T. Zwick3,M. G. Girma4, J. Hasch4, C. J. Scheytt5
1 IHP, Frankfurt Oder, Germany
2 Silicon Radar, Frankfurt Oder, Germany
3 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany
4 Robert Bosch, Stuttgart, Germany
5 University of Paderborn, Paderborn, Germany


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2013 IDS 9.5

9.5: A 249Mpixel/s HEVC Video-Decoder Chip for Quad Full HD Applications

C-T. Huang1, M. Tikekar1, C. Juvekar1, V. Sze2, A. Chandrakasan1
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
2 Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX


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2013 IDS 9.6

9.6: Reconfigurable Processor for Energy-Scalable Computational Photography

R. Rithe1, P. Raina1, N. Ickes1, S. V. Tenneti2, A. P. Chandrakasan1
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
2 California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA


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2013 IDS 9.8

9.8: A 646GOPS/W Multi-Classifier Many-Core Processor With Cortex-Like Architecture for Super-Resolution Recognition

J. Park, I. Hong, G. Kim, Y. Kim, K. Lee, S. Park, K. Bong, H-J. Yoo
KAIST, Daejeon, Korea


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2013 IDS 10.5

10.5: A 4Ω 2.3W Class-D Audio Amplifier with Embedded DC-DC Boost Converter, Current-Sensing ADC and DSP for Adaptive Speaker Protection

M. Berkhout, L. Dooper, B. Krabbenborg, J. Somberg
NXP Semiconductors, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


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2013 IDS 11.3

11.3: A Versatile Timing Microsystem Based on Wafer-Level Packaged XTAL/BAW Resonators with Sub-µW RTC Mode and Programmable HF Clocks

D. Ruffieux1, N. Scolari1, F. Giroud1, T. C. Le1, S. Dalla Piazza2, F. Staub2, K. Zoschke3, C. A. Manier3, H. Oppermann3, J. Dekker4, T. Suni4, G. Allegato5
1 CSEM, Neuchatel, Switzerland
2 Micro Crystal, Grenchen, Switzerland
3 Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin, Germany
4 VTT, Espoo, Finland
5 STMicroelectronics, Agrate Brianza, Italy


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2013 IDS 11.5

11.5: A 0.15mm-Thick Non-Contact Connector for MIPI Using Vertical Directional Coupler

W. Mizuhara, T. Shidei, A. Kosuge, T. Takeya, N. Miura, M. Taguchi, H. Ishikuro, T. Kuroda
Keio University, Yokohama, Japan


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2013 IDS 11.6

11.6: 1.2Gb/s 3.9pJ/b Mono-Phase Pulse-Modulation Inductive-Coupling Transceiver for mm-Range Board-to-Board Communication

H. Cho1, U. Ha1, T. Roh1, D. Kim2, J. Lee2, Y. Oh2, H-J. Yoo1
1 KAIST, Daejeon, Korea
2 Samsung Electronics, Suwon, Korea


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2013 IDS 13.1

13.1: A Fully Integrated 60GHz CMOS Transceiver Chipset Based on WiGig/IEEE802.11ad with Built-In Self Calibration for Mobile Applications

T. Tsukizawa, N. Shirakata, T. Morita, K. Tanaka, J. Sato, Y. Morishita, M. Kanemaru, R. Kitamura, T. Shima, T. Nakatani, K. Miyanaga, T. Urushihara, H. Yoshikawa, T. Sakamoto, H. Motozuka, Y. Shirakawa, N. Yosoku, A. Yamamoto, R. Shiozaki, N. Saito
Panasonic, Yokohama, Japan


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2013 IDS 16.1

16.1: A Fully Integrated 8-Channel Closed-Loop Neural-Prosthetic SoC for Real-Time Epileptic Seizure Control

W-M. Chen1, H. Chiueh1, T-J. Chen1, C-L. Ho1, C. Jeng1, S-T. Chang1, M-D. Ker1, C-Y. Lin1, Y-C. Huang1, C-W. Chou1, T-Y. Fan1, M-S. Cheng1, S-F. Liang2, T-C. Chien2, S-Y. Wu2, Y-L. Wang2, F-Z. Shaw2, Y-H. Huang2, C-H. Yang1, J-C. Chiou1, C-W. Chang1, L-C. Chou1, C-Y. Wu1
1 National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2 National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan


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2013 IDS 17.1

17.1: A 6.4Gb/s Near-Ground Single-Ended Transceiver for Dual-Rank DIMM Memory Interface Systems

K. Kaviani1, M. Bucher2, B. Su2, B. Daly2, B. Stonecypher2, W. Dettloff2, T. Stone2, K. Prabhu3, P. Kumar Venkatesan3, F. Heaton2, R. Kollipara1, Y. Lu1, C. J. Madden1, J. Eble2, L. Luo2, N. Nguyen1
1 Rambus, Sunnyvale, CA
2 Rambus, Chapel Hill, NC
3 Rambus, Bangalore, India


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2013 IDS 22.5

22.5: A 55dB SNR with 240Hz Frame Scan Rate Mutual Capacitor 30x24 Touch-Screen Panel Read-Out IC Using Code-Division Multiple Sensing Technique

H. Shin1, S. Ko1, H. Jang1, I. Yun2, K. Lee1
1 KAIST, Daejeon, Korea
2 Zinitix, Daejeon, Korea


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2013 IDS 23.2

23.2: A Scalable 0.128-to-1Tb/s 0.8-to-2.6pJ/b 64-Lane Parallel I/O in 32nm CMOS

M. Mansuri1, J. E. Jaussi1, J. T. Kennedy1, T-C. Hsueh1, S. Shekhar1, G. Balamurugan1, F. O’Mahony1, C. Roberts1, R. Mooney2, B. Casper1
1 Intel, Hillsboro, OR
2 Intel, Mapleton, UT


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2013 IDS 23.4

23.4: A 5.5Gb/s 5mm Contactless Interface Containing a 50Mb/s Bidirectional Sub-Channel Employing Common-Mode OOK Signaling

K. Hijioka, M. Matsudaira, K. Yamaguchi, M. Mizuno
Renesas Electronics, Kawasaki, Japan


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2013 IDS 24.6

24.6: Reliable and Energy-Efficient 1MHz 0.4V Dynamically Reconfigurable SoC for ExG Applications in 40nm LP CMOS

M. Konijnenburg1, Y. Cho2, M. Ashouei1, T. Gemmeke1, C. Kim2, J. Hulzink1, J. Stuyt1, M. Jung2, J. Huisken1, S. Ryu2, J. Kim2, H. de Groot1
1 imec - Holst Centre, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2 Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Seoul, Korea


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2013 IDS 24.7

24.7: An 8MHz 75µA/MHz Zero-Leakage Non-Volatile Logic-Based Cortex-M0 MCU SoC Exhibiting 100% Digital State Retention at VDD=0V with <400ns Wakeup and Sleep Transitions

S. C. Bartling, S. Khanna, M. P. Clinton, S. R. Summerfelt, J. A. Rodriguez, H. P. McAdams
Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX


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2013 IDS 24.8

24.8: A 100GB/s Wide I/O with 4096b TSVs Through an Active Silicon Interposer with In-Place Waveform Capturing

S. Takaya1, M. Nagata1, A. Sakai2, T. Kariya2, S. Uchiyama2, H. Kobayashi2, H. Ikeda2
1 Kobe University, Kobe, Japan
2 Association of Super-Advanced Electronics Technologies, Tokyo, Japan


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2013 IDS 25.4

25.4: A 1.9nJ/b 2.4GHz Multistandard (Bluetooth Low Energy/Zigbee/IEEE802.15.6) Transceiver for Personal/Body-Area Networks

Y-H. Liu1, X. Huang1, M. Vidojkovic1, A. Ba1, P. Harpe2, G. Dolmans1, H. de Groot1
1 imec - Holst Centre, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2 Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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2013 IDS 25.7

25.7: A 5.5mW IEEE-802.15.6 Wireless Body-Area-Network Standard Transceiver for Multichannel Electro-Acupuncture Application

H. Lee, K. Lee, S. Hong, K. Song, T. Roh, J. Bae, H-J. Yoo
KAIST, Daejeon, Korea


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2013 IDS 26.1

26.1: A 10.3GS/s 6b Flash ADC for 10G Ethernet Applications

S. Verma, A. Kasapi, L-M. Lee, D. Liu, D. Loizos, S-H. Paik, A. Varzaghani, S. Zogopoulos, S. Sidiropoulos
Broadcom, Santa Clara, CA


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2013 IDS 27.7

27.7: 3D Camera Based on Linear-Mode Gain-Modulated Avalanche Photodiodes

O. Shcherbakova1,2, L. Pancheri1, G-F. Dalla Betta1, N. Massari2, D. Stoppa2
1 University of Trento, Trento, Italy
2 Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy


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