VIDEO ARCHIVE: Interviews with the ISSCC Early Pioneers

Recorded in 2002 for the 50th anniversary of ISSCC.
Click on the questions to view video clips of historical information on the formation and early years of ISSCC.


Arthur Stern

Arthur Stern - GE - early committe member

What motivated the formation of the 1st conference?
What were the future expectations?
Who set the tone?
Was there corporate support?

Richard Baker

Richard Baker - MIT Labs -early committee member

Who got the ball rolling?
What were the rules for the early conference?

2010 Plenary Session 3

John Linvill - Bell Labs - early 4.10 committee chair

How was the word spread?
How was the early conference supported?

Murlin Corrington

Murlin Corrington - RCA - first ISSCC Treasurer

How was the conference organized?
Did the early conference make money?

Jerry Suran

Jerry Suran - GE - early 4.10 committee member

Where did the organizers first meet?
What were the early problems?
What is the future direction of solid-state?


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