ISSCC 2018 Evening Events

Evening Events – February 11th – 13th

Figures-of-Merit on Trial

The goal of this panel is to probe the weaknesses and strengths of popular analog Figures-of-Merit (FoM) in an entertaining and educational way: To this end, the room will become a tribunal with the moderator as judge. For each FoM on trial, two panelists will officiate, one becoming the defending advocate of the FoM, and the other the prosecutor, while the audience will become the jury, that will decide which of the two combatants will win. The panelist with highest score will receive an entertaining prize!

Lessons Learned – Great Circuits That Didn’t Work
(Oops, If Only I Had Known!)

Working on your first (or last) IC can be exciting, stressful, rewarding, and embarrassing. Whatever the lesson learned, be assured that it was experienced by pioneers before you. Failures (mistakes or just bad ideas!) can be valuable learning experiences, but are rarely revealed. Tonight, we provide an opportunity for recognized experts to share their past mistakes and failures, and disclose lessons learned. After the panelists have confessed, the audience can also contribute “learning experiences” (in less than a minute). Inevitably, this collection of revelations will be motivating: inspiring to the young and inexperienced; and virtuous for gurus in sharing a universal truth – first-time perfection is rare!

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace My Job? – The Dawn of a New IC Industry with AI

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) capable of human tasks and more and better, is approaching fast. Shortly, most businesses, including the IC industry, will choose AI over humans, if AI can deliver the same results with lower risks and costs. Consequently, many questions arise for us: what will be the respective roles of AI and humans in developing ICs? How will AI shape the IC industry? What is the right career choice for young people in the field? This panel will showcase diverse experts who will share their vision on this daunting new development in our business.

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