IEEE SSCS Women in Circuits

For ISSCC 2022, Women In Circuits is sponsoring a Next Gen Circuit Designer 2022 Workshop

The IEEE SSCS Women in Circuits together with ISSCC will be sponsoring the first “Next Generation Circuit Designer 2022” for young professionals and students. Next Generation Circuit Designer 2022 is a virtual educational workshop for a diverse set of graduate and undergraduate students, and young professionals who have graduated with B.S. within the last two years, who are interested in learning how to excel at academic and industry careers in computer science, computer, and electrical engineering.

We will be selecting forty next-generation circuit designers in academia and industry to attend a keynote from a distinguished speaker, an informal fireside chat with a high-profile leader in the field, and to participate in a “Circuit Designers’ Elevator Pitch” event. The selected designers will also get the opportunity for networking and mentoring through virtual events leading up to the workshop. The morning virtual event will be followed by an optional evening in-person event, which will include further networking opportunities.

More Info:

Career Planning for a Bright (but Unknown) Future - Jennifer Lloyd, Analog Devices

Building a Time Machine for Healthcare Research - Prema Dogra, Nvidia

Pandemics - an Opportunity for biomedical IC? - Milin Zhang, Tsinghua University

Accelerating innovation with confidence - Hillrry Hunter, IBM

AI-Enhanced Neural Prostheses - Mahsa Shoaran, EPFL