IEEE SSCS Women in Circuits

ICs in PandemICs Sunday February 14, 2021 

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed a powerful test globally. As the current pandemic unfolds, revolutionary social and economic changes have accelerated that would otherwise have taken decades to materialize, especially the digital transformation of the whole world enabling virtual presence. IC industry continues to forge ahead with providing the building blocks for innovations that improve economic and social prosperity of the world. From smarter robots to automation, from connected medical devices to AI-driven data analytics; cost-effective, secure, portable and high accuracy IC technology is already in place. This evening event brings together experts from industry and academia in cloud-connected biosensors, advance algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to discuss our preparedness to combat the spread of infectious diseases now and in the future. The talks will feature recent work on accelerated drug discovery, early detection of high-spread clusters, enhanced contact tracing, continuous remote patient monitoring and data analysis with related security, and privacy concerns.