ISSCC 2022 Forums


There is a total of six Forums this year on six different topics, two on Sunday Feb 20th and four on Thursday Feb 24th.  In each Advanced-Circuit-Design Forum, selected through a competitive process within each subcommittee of the ISSCC, leading experts present state-of-the-art design strategies. The Forums are targeted at designers experienced in the technical field.

  • Compute-in-X (CiX): Overcoming the Data Bottleneck in AI Processing
  • Chip Design for Low-Power, Robust, and Secure IoT Devices
  • The Path to 6G: Architectures, Circuits, Technologies for Sub-THz Communications, Sensing and Imaging
  • Paving the Way to 200Gb/s Transceivers
  • How to Improve AI Efficiency Further: New Devices, Architectures and Algorithms
  • Computer Systems Under Attack – Paying the Performance Price for Protection

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