ISSCC 2020 Evening Events

Evening Events – Sunday February 16, 2020 through Tuesday February 18, 2020

Student Research Preview (SRP): Short Presentations w/ Poster Session

Women in Circuits Event – Rising Stars 2020

Rising Stars 2020 is an educational workshop for graduate and undergraduate students, and young professionals who have graduated within the last two years who are interested in learning how to excel at academic and industry careers in computer science, computer and electrical engineering. “Rising to the Top in Industry” career panel will touch upon topics such as mentoring, setting career goals, filing patents, management vs. technical tracks, and more. “Navigating the Assistant Professorship” will address applying for a faculty position, tenure review, and managing day-to-day life in academia. This event is open to the public and all are welcome to join.

Industry Showcase

ISSCC 2020 will host an Industry Showcase Evening Session. The goal of this event is to highlight the role of solid-state circuits and systems-on-chip (SoCs) in the creation of novel products. It will feature short presentations, as well as interactive demonstrations where attendees can have a hands-on experience with each featured innovation.


Student Research Preview

Rising Stars 2020


Industry Showcase


Quiz Show: “The Smartest Designer in the Universe” 

In this evening event, three teams representing academia, industry, and students will compete in 5-roundsof serious and not-serious questions for the prestigious title, “The Smartest Designer in the Universe”. In their quest, each of the panels will count on support from the audience who will be able to participate via their own smartphones. This is going to be an educational and entertaining evening session, taking you through the history and the future of microelectronics with a mild dose of irony!

Open-Source Hardware Revolution

Download the presentations here

Open-source has revolutionized software, fostering innovation and enhancing productivity. Hardware design is complex in distinct ways, which, on the one hand, make such progression necessary, but, on the other hand, institutes completely new challenges. Are the challenges total show stoppers, or just new ways of thinking and engineering? If open-source hardware could be attained, what would it look like, and would there be significant up-side (e.g., compared to today’s IP licensing)? Whatever the answers, the success of open-source hardware will require alignment, partnership, and collective will across the hardware ecosystem, from design, to methodologies, to business models. This evening session brings
together panelists representing and debating from these different perspectives, to make and break the case.

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