ISSCC 2022 Special Events

Special Events

Sunday through Wednesday

Next Gen Circuit Designer Workshop

The Next Gen Circuit Designer Workshop 2022 is an educational workshop for EE undergraduates and early graduate students (Master’s students/1-2 years of PhD) who are interested in choosing a career in integrated circuit (IC) design. The workshop will include a “fireside chat” with invited renown speaker on diversity, bias in the tech industry and how do we overcome that over the course of our career. The selected participants will also hear from current rising stars in the industry, speakers who will motivate why IC design and share their unique paths through circuit design. The participants will also have a chance to present a poster of their work to the ISSCC audience. There will be additional networking events organized throughout the conference. Application requirements and submission link click here

The Semiconductor Supply Chain

The semiconductor supply chain is a highly specialized global complex system stretching from design houses to manufacturing fabs, to test and assembly units and integration factories which vary by the nature of the company, market and product. The COVID-19 pandemic with component shortages, along with the geopolitical trade conflicts, and the thread of counterfeiting have highlighted the challenges and need for a better orchestrated and diversified management chain. The speakers in this panel, drawn from leading manufacturers and governmental bodies, will address questions like how to ensure continued supply of critical materials and products and whether or not reaching out to diverse manufacturers is a necessity and not a luxury. This event will not go into political controversies but instead have an open discussion about existing bottlenecks, and identify changes that can be made in the semiconductor industry to both grow overall output and be more resilient to macroeconomic conditions.

The Next Trillion-Dollar Market for Chips

This panel assembles a collection of experts in various domains to give their view on what will be the next trillion-dollar market driver for chips. Will it be in IoT/IoE? Wireless/6G? Automotive? AI/machine learning? Quantum computing? Optics? Space exploration? The experts in the panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities for growth in multiple potentially large sectors for the semiconductor industry.

The Bright and Dark Side of AI

Hype aside, AI is clearly an emerging two-headed monster. This evening panel of AI experts could provide insights on both sides of the AI coin – the bright and dark sides. The goal is to help stimulate a multi-stakeholder AI dialog, gather views from panelists and reflect on transformative ideas with an eye on safety and risk management. What is the golden vision for futuristic AI platforms? What are compelling AI use cases and where are the risks? For instance, AI holds a lot of promise for cybersecurity and human-centric robots. However, these sectors also have some of the highest potential for fallout. AI’s dark side capability is that it can be made to mimic human behavior. What are the consequences? The panel will also share forward-looking policy development and on ethical, legal and societal issues related to AI, including socio-economic challenges.

Shifting Tides of Innovation – Where is Cutting Edge Research Happening Today?

As research becomes more complex, multidisciplinary and system oriented, the focal point of innovation has begun to shift. Resource constraints such as people per project or the cost of working in the latest technology node also impact who can participate in cutting edge research. Industry does not have strong incentives to publish their most innovative and competitive work, leaving many in the dark as to what the state of the art is within companies. Even within industry, innovation can come from research divisions, production, or startups. On the academic side, funding bodies and trends can also impact the innovation process. How can we close this gap and who really has the edge? Is industry-guided academic research the way to get the best of both worlds? The traditional debate has been between academia and industry, but there are many more facets to the discussion. This panel explores all the possible sides of how innovation occurs across the industry.


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