Transportation from Airport

Transportation options from San Francisco International Airport to the San Francisco Marriott Hotel (55 4th Street)

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To get from the Domestic Terminals to the International Terminal, you will need to take the AirTrain. The Red train route connects the terminals, while the Blue train route goes to the Rental Car Center.

You can also get to the Bart station via the AirTrain from the Domestic Terminals. The Bart station is located inside the International Terminal.

SuperShuttle: This is a door-to-door van service from the airport to major hotels in the Bay Area. Exit the International Terminal from level 3 and cross the street to the island. Follow the signs to the shuttle area, or ask one of the Curbside Coordinators on the island for directions. If you are traveling alone with heavy luggage, this is a good way to go. If you are traveling with several people, a taxi may be less expensive and faster. Note: There are no hotel shuttles to downtown San Francisco hotels. The Marriott shuttle at the airport is for the Airport Marriott only and does not go to the conference hotel downtown.

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BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit): This is a train that connects the airport to Bay Area destinations. From the station in the International Terminal (level 3), take the train to the Powell Street station (corner of Powell and Market). To get to the Marriott Hotel from the Powell Street station, exit the station onto Market Street and walk to 4th Street. Then one block southeast on 4th Street to the Marriott. If you have a lot of luggage, you should consider other forms of transportation.

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Taxi: From the International Terminal, exit from level 2 (this is the same level as the exit from Customs) and cross the street to the island. Taxis are available there at the taxi stand.  This is a good way to travel if you have several people in your group and have heavy luggage.

Limousine: From the International Terminal, exit from level 2 (this is the same level as the exit from Customs) and cross the street to the island.

Rental Car: Before renting a car, you should consider the cost of downtown parking. Parking at the Marriott is very expensive. If you need a car for a one day trip, there are rental locations near the Marriott. If you are renting a car at the airport, take the AirTrain blue line to the Rental Car Center. The AirTrain is located on level 4 of the International Terminal.

View of Exit from Customs at SFO

Entrance to BART

Supershuttle Van

View of Directions Sign

Sign to Door-to-Door Vans (Supershuttle)

View of Interior of SFO International Terminal Level 3

Escalators from Level 2 (customs) to Level 3 BART and Supershuttle

View of Island for Door-to-Door Vans