Information for Students

Student Research Preview

At ISSCC 2021 on February 14, 2021, there will be a Student Research Preview (SRP) evening event. This session provides students with the opportunity to showcase the directions of their work, and to exchange experiences with other students and researchers from academia and industry. SRP is organized as an Evening Session consisting of short presentations of work-in-progress followed by a poster session. In particular, it will provide students with:

  • A great opportunity to showcase the directions of their work
  • An opportunity to experience ISSCC quality
  • An opportunity to interact with others in the ISSCC community
  • Encouragement for future regular-paper submissions

The abstract submission deadline for SRP is October 24, 2020 (Now extended to October 26, 2020). Refer to the ISSCC Website for more information. Download the ISSCC 2021
Student Research Preview Call for Student Presentations here

Key information for ISSCC 2021 SRP

  • Accepted presentation is not considered as pre-publication in future SSCS sponsored  conferences or journals.
  • Registration fee of ISSCC will be waived for speakers. Speakers will also have a good chance of receiving SSCS travel grant.
  • Submission includes 5~7 pages of ppt and an endorsement from student’s advisor. Templates can be found at the epapers website in advance of the submission deadline.
  • Submission deadline will be posted at the epapers website.

Silkroad Award

(Far-East Student Scholarship)
Silkroad Award 2021 information

The Silkroad Award Program of the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) is intended to promote design of integrated circuits and systems at a quality level appropriate for submission to ISSCC 2021. It is particularly intended for students from universities within IEEE Region 10. Particular emphasis will be placed on submissions from emerging countries. The candidates will be selected from first-time-accepted paper authors. The winner(s) are selected from first-time student-presenting authors at ISSCC whose research is conducted in an emerging region in the Far East.

For further information, please e-mail to Long Yan []

For more information on the 2021 ISSCC Student Travel Grant Awards (STGA’s)  click here