ISSCC 2019 Evening Events

Evening Events – Sunday February 17, 2019 through Tuesday February 19, 2019

Student Research Preview (SRP): Short Presentations w/ Poster Session

How to Save Lives With Circuits

The workshop highlights circuits and their impact on healthcare-related industries. The evening will start with speakers from industry and academia, and conclude with a panel discussion titled, “What Can Circuit Designers do to Bolster Security in AI-Driven Healthcare.” The goal of the panel is to provide perspectives from system architects, security experts, and circuit designers, on where we should be heading with the large amount of data that is being generated from more-advanced testing and increased monitoring of our current health status.

Industry Showcase

ISSCC 2019 will host an Industry Showcase Evening Session. The goal of this event is to highlight the role of solid-state circuits and systems-on-chip (SoCs) in the creation of novel products. It will feature short presentations, as well as interactive demonstrations where attendees can have a hands-on experience with each featured innovation.

Moving to ‘The Dark Side’!

Many practicing engineers view management and business as ‘The Dark Side’, and executive decisions often baffle them. Can engineers do a good job on the ‘The Dark Side’ in management and business? Is it possible to return to engineering from ‘The Dark Side’? Along with the audience, engineers that became Captains of Industry will share their views and defend their case. Have they truly moved to ‘The Dark Side’? Will the audience accept their defense? Or, are they doomed to stay on ‘The Dark Side’ forever?

How Can Hardware Designers Reclaim the Spotlight?

The bar for circuit innovation/design has been constantly rising, even as circuit
components are becoming increasingly commoditized and seemingly losing relevance in the larger scheme of things. Is this trend here to stay? What should we do about it? Are long hardware design cycles to blame? Can we learn something from software design practices? Or, are there new opportunities where hardware innovation can have a central role? If so, how far out is the horizon? How do we prepare for these opportunities? The panel will dissect the trends in hardware design and discuss means of reclaiming the central role of circuit design in system innovation.

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