2017 ISSCC Tutorials


There are a total of ten tutorials this year on ten different topics. Each 90-minute tutorial, selected through a competitive process within each subcommittee of the ISSCC, presents the basic concepts and working principles of a single circuit-design topic. These tutorials are intended for non-experts, graduate students and practicing engineers who wish to explore and understand a new topic.

  • mm-Wave Frequency Generation and Synthesis in Silicon
  • NAND Flash Memory Design and Architecture Trends
  • Readout Circuits for Physiological Signal Measurements
  • Energy-Efficient Processors for Deep Learning
  • Fundamentals of Time-Based Circuits
  • Signal Integrity Analysis for Gb/s Links
  • Design Trade-Offs in Digital Intensive PLL
  • Fundamentals of Class-D Amplifier Design
  • Integrated mm-Wave Transmitters and Receivers for Spatial-Filtering Arrays
  • Circuits and Technologies for Cell and Brain Interfacing

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