ISSCC 2015 Videos

Plenary Sessions

Silicon Technologies and Solutions for the Data-Driven World

Kinam Kim, President, Samsung Electronics, Kiheung, Korea

The Future of IC Design Innovation

Sehat Sutardja, Chairman and CEO, Marvell Technology Group, Santa Clara, CA, USA

Analog CMOS from 5 Micrometer to 5 Nanometer

Willy Sansen, Professor Emeritus, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Student Research Preview

The Student Research Preview (SRP) highlighted selected student research projects in progress. This year, the SRP was presented in three theme sections: Low-Power Data Converters and High-Speed Links; Biomedical Circuits and Systems; and Energy-Efficient Circuits for Sensors, RF, and Platform. The Student Research Preview began with a brief talk by Professor Emerita Lynn Conway of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Demo Sessions

The Academic and Industrial Demonstration Sessions featured live demonstrations of selected ICs that were also presented by authors in regular paper sessions. These sessions are intended to exemplify the real-life applications made possible by new ICs presented at ISSCC.

4.4: Energy-Efficient Microserver Based on a 12-Core 1.8GHz 188K-CoreMark 28nm Bulk CMOS 64b SoC for Big-Data Applications with 159GB/s/L Memory Bandwidth System Density

4.5: The Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v3: A 22nm 18-Core Product Family

4.8: A 28nm x86 APU Optimized for Power and Area Efficiency

6.6: A 240Hz-Reporting-Rate Mutual-Capacitance Touch-Sensing Analog Front-End Enabling Multiple Active/Passive Styluses with 41dB/32dB SNR for 0.5mm Diameter

8.2: Batteryless Sub-nW Cortex-M0+ Processor with Dynamic Leakage-Suppression Logic

9.7: An LTE SAW-Less Transmitter Using 33% Duty-Cycle LO Signals for Harmonic Suppression

10.1: A 6Gb/s 6pJ/b 5mm-Distance Non-Contact Interface for Modular Smartphones Using Two-Fold Transmission-Line Coupler and EMC-Qualified Pulse Transceiver

10.2: An FSK Plastic Waveguide Communication Link in 40nm CMOS

10.3: A 7.5mW 7.5Gb/s Mixed NRZ/Multi-Tone Serial-Data Transceiver for Multi-Drop Memory Interfaces in 40nm CMOS

11.1: A Time-Divided Spread-Spectrum Code Based 15pW-Detectable Multi-Channel fNIRS IC for Portable Functional Brain Imaging

11.3: A 160×120-Pixel Analog-Counting Single-Photon Imager With Sub-ns Time-Gating and Self-Referenced Column-Parallel A/D Conversion for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

11.8: Integrated Ultrasonic System for Measuring Body-Fat Composition

12.6: 90% Peak Efficiency Single-Inductor-Multiple-Output DC-DC Buck Converter with Output Independent Gate Drive Control

13.2: A 3.7mW-RX 4.4mW-TX Fully Integrated Bluetooth Low-Energy/IEEE802.15.4/Proprietary SoC with an ADPLL-Based Fast Frequency Offset Compensation in 40nm CMOS

13.3: A 10mW Bluetooth Low-Energy Transceiver with On-Chip Matching

13.7: A +10dBm 2.4GHz Transmitter with sub-400pW Leakage and 43.7% System Efficiency

16.3: Flexible Thin-Film NFC Tags Powered by Commercial USB Reader Device at 13.56MHz

16.5: A NEMS-Array Control IC for Sub-Attogram Gravimetric Sensing Applications in 28nm CMOS Technology

16.6: A Double-Side CMOS-CNT Biosensor Array with Padless Structure for Simple Bare-Die Measurements in a Medical Environment

18.1: A 2.71nJ/Pixel 3D-Stacked Gaze-Activated Object-Recognition System for Low-Power Mobile HMD Applications

18.6: A 0.5nJ/Pixel 4K H.265/HEVC Codec LSI for Multi-Format Smartphone Applications

19.4: A 2.7-to-3.7GHz Rapid Interferer Detector Exploiting Compressed Sampling with a Quadrature Analog-toInformation Converter

20.6: Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvester Interface IC with Conduction-Angle-Controlled Maximum-Power-Point Tracking and Harvesting Efficiencies of up to 90%

20.8: A 500nW Batteryless Integrated Electrostatic Energy Harvester Interface Based on a DC-DC Converter with 60V Maximum Input Voltage and Operating From 1µW Available Power, Including MPPT and Cold Start

21.4: A Microfluidic-CMOS Platform with 3D Capacitive Sensor and Fully Integrated Transceiver IC for Palmtop Dielectric Spectroscopy

22.2: A 25Gb/s Hybrid Integrated Silicon Photonic Transceiver in 28nm CMOS and SOI

24.2: Context-Aware Hierarchical Information-Sensing in a 6µW 90nm CMOS Voice Activity Detector

27.3: A 3-Axis Open-Loop Gyroscope with Demodulation Phase Error Correction

27.8: A 4600µm2 1.5°C (3s) 0.9kS/s Thermal-Diffusivity Temperature Sensor with VCO-Based Readout