ISSCC 2014 Videos

Plenary Sessions

Computing’s Energy Problem and What We Can Do About It

Mark Horowitz, Yahoo! Founder’s Chair, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA

Cloud 2.0 Clients and Connectivity – Technology and Challenges

Ming-Kai Tsai, Chairman and CEO, MediaTek, Hsinchu, Taiwan

How Chips Pave the Road to the Higgs Particle and the Attoworld Beyond

Erik H.M. Heijne, Instrumentation Physicist, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

The Next Generation of Networked Experiences

Susie Wee, VP and Chief Technology Officer of Networked Experiences, Cisco, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Demo Sessions

The Academic and Industrial Demonstration Sessions featured live demonstrations of selected ICs that were also presented by authors in regular paper sessions. These sessions are intended to exemplify the real-life applications made possible by new ICs presented at ISSCC.

1.3: How Chips Pave the Road to the Higgs Particle and the Attoworld Beyond

5.9 and 13.1: Haswell: A Family of IA 22nm Processors & A 1Gb 2GHz Embedded DRAM in 22nm Tri-Gate CMOS Technology

7.6: A 512×424 CMOS 3D Time-of-Flight Image Sensor with Multi-Frequency Photo-Demodulation up to 130MHz and 2GS/s ADC

8.2: A 12×5 Two-Dimensional Optical I/O Array for 600Gb/s Chip-to-Chip Interconnect in 65nm CMOS

9.7: A 0.33nJ/b IEEE802.15.6/Proprietary-MICS/ISM-Band Transceiver with Scalable Data-Rate from 11kb/s to 4.5Mb/s for Medical Applications

10.6 and 18.3: A 0.74V 200µW Multi-Standard Transceiver Digital Baseband in 40nm LP-CMOS for 2.4GHz Bluetooth Smart / ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.6 Personal Area Networks & A Multi-Parameter Signal-Acquisition SoC for Connected Personal Health Applications

11.3: A 10b 0.6nW SAR ADC with Data-Dependent Energy Savings Using LSB-First Successive Approximation

12.1: 3D Ultrasonic Gesture Recognition

12.3: A 240Hz-Reporting-Rate 143×81 Mutual-Capacitance Touch-Sensing Analog Front-End IC with 37dB SNR for 1mm-Diameter Stylus

12.4: A 1mm-Pitch 80×80-Channel 322Hz-Frame-Rate Touch Sensor with Two-Step Dual-Mode Capacitance Scan

12.8: A BJT-Based CMOS Temperature Sensor with a 3.6pJ·K2-Resolution FoM

14.5: A 0.53THz Reconfigurable Source Array with up to 1mW Radiated Power for Terahertz Imaging Applications in 0.13µm SiGe BiCMOS

16.1: A 340mV-to-0.9V 20.2Tb/s Source-Synchronous Hybrid Packet/Circuit-Switched 16×16 Network-on-Chip in 22nm Tri-Gate CMOS

17.4: CMOS Impedance Analyzer for Nanosamples Investigation Operating up to 150MHz with Sub-aF Resolution

18.1: A 1V 3mA 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Audio Communication SoC for Hearing-Aid Applications in 0.18µm CMOS

20.5: A 40nm Dual-Band 3-Stream 802.11a/b/g/n/ac MIMO WLAN SoC with 1.1Gb/s Over-the-Air Throughput

22.5: A 1.62GS/s Time-Interleaved SAR ADC with Digital Background Mismatch Calibration Achieving Interleaving Spurs Below 70dBFS

26.2: A 205mW 32Gb/s 3-Tap FFE/6-Tap DFE Bidirectional Serial Link in 22nm CMOS

26.3: A Pin- and Power-Efficient Low-Latency 8-to-12Gb/s/wire 8b8w-Coded SerDes Link for High-Loss Channels in 40nm Technology

30.2: Digital PWM-Driven AMOLED Display on Flex Reducing Static Power Consumption